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What Mussa means to me and my inner mussa

What Mussa means to me and my inner mussa

"Mussa was created for many reasons, but for me, the main reason for creating Mussa is to find what we all seek: connection with others and with ourselves primarily, a state of fulfillment.

Mussa represents that state of fulfillment: a state of peace, abundance, joy, and faith. Being comfortable in the uncomfortable, because life will never stop discomforting us to urge us to move.

Mussa is keeping calm when everything is falling apart, understanding that crying is the cleansing of the soul, discovering that sadness goes hand in hand with joy, and welcoming it when it knocks on the door.

Mussa is savoring simple moments, reclaiming innocence, losing shame. Mussa is rest, pause, sleeping in. It is living slowly, observing what is right in front of us. Mussa is being lost and still walking, walking and getting lost.

Mussa is knowing that no matter what you do or what happens around you, nothing is as important as your own inner peace, and that you always come first. It´s knowing how to protect your energy and knowing how and when to share it with the right people. It is empathy, humility, love. There is little room for envy, ego, pride here... They are part of our daily lives, but here we put them to sleep.

Mussa is jumping off the cliff, with fear, with dread, but jumping, and if necessary, another Mussa will give you a push. It is living in constant uncertainty, and trusting, breathing, just breathing and letting life do its magic.

Mussa is courage, and the brave are not those who are fearless, they are those who are terrified, and still take the step.

But above all, Mussa is faith, faith that if I am my best version, life will give me its best version, and especially life will give me its best people, which, I believe, I have by my side right now. Alone we can, hey, but together, we can laugh MUCH MORE.

Last but not least, Mussa for me, is not a community of women, a group of friends, a business, and event making company etc. Mussa is a state of inner peace, and I work every day with you to achieve it and stay there, to share it when I have it ❤️ and to search for it with you when I lose it.

Thank you for helping me every day to find my inner Mussa, and I hope that Nia, Mir, and I can be a little light on your path to help you find yours.

I end with this quote I heard once, and really marked my way of living: 'Life comes from you, not at you.'

Our perspective of the reality we live in is in our hands. I invite you to work every day on improving that perspective of reality.

With much love, Dani - Co founder"

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