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A Sense of Belonging by Nia ✨

A Sense of Belonging by Nia ✨
I like to consider myself a citizen of the world. I've lived in 4 countries in the past 7 years and during that time I’ve been able to explore new cities, cultures, people, and experiences. Living abroad has given me freedom, independence, and happiness, but it has mostly given me perspective on how others see the world and on how I wanna see mine and live life in the upcoming years.

Today I live in London. Such an electric and interesting city to be in. It’s been almost 2 years since I moved from Madrid and what a ride it has been!. I've been able to discover a country that was not on my mental map at all, I’ve traveled around and enjoyed their culture, people, and experiences. But something has been constantly missing throughout my entire journey of not only living here but living abroad since I moved out of Colombia in 2017: A sense of belonging, a support group, a community.

When Dani, Mir, and I started bringing Mussa to life, the first thing we thought about was community. We wanted to create a business where women could feel supported, seen, and empowered. We wanted to envision our business as a driver for women’s growth, self-development, happiness, and wholesomeness, and I think we are on a good start!

If you’re still reading and wondering if Mussa is for you, let me tell you IT IS!. We create spaces where you can share with other women who are probably looking for the same things as you: A new beginning, learning new things, meeting new people or just having some spaces to enjoy life together.
Fitness, wellness, self-care, beauty, socials, and wellbeing are just some of the topics we leverage on to create incredible and heartwarming experiences for you, and we hope that by joining Mussa you enjoy them as much as we do building them for you!

If you want to know more about Mussa and what we do, go to and explore our membership, events, getaways, and more.

With Love 💖
Nia - Co founder

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