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I don't know if its within our nature.... brought by our female ancestors... or simply just because our souls crave it. But as women we have always had an undeniable force between us.

I believe every girl out there deserves to have their own tribe... it makes us feel safe and cared for... and it just simply feels so damn good to have your girls to share life with.

Mussa was built exactly for that same reason, as founders we were all "new" to Madrid, and desperately longed for that safe space, that home where we could just charm ourselves.

We had no idea how to make it happen, but we were so sure of what our purpose was: "To build wellbeing and joy in our Mussas through heartwarming and adventurous experiences"

We wanted the adventure, the adrenaline and the excitement. But we also wanted our girls to feel their souls a little warmer each time they came to a Mussa experience. 

We decided to focus on:

1. Spirituality:  We want to empower our Mussas to question life, to discover,  to heal and learn to go beyond what "normal" is. We want to nurture their minds, bodies and souls. Safe spaces, no prejudices, no taboos. Respect, love and warmth always. We will be empowering emotional intelligent warriors

2. Fitness & Wellness: Steve Jobs said there are only 6 real big doctors out there: sunlight, rest, exercise, diet, self-love, self confidence and friends. In our wellness events we will combine the majority of these together. We want our Mussas to feel so good with themselves that they become the only medicine they need. But mostly we want them to connect with friends that share the same goals.

3. Adventure: This is a key ingredient to the perfect recipe. We want you to try new things even if it scares you a little, we want to demonstrate the importance of being surprised and excited, we want to nurture your inner child and we want you to feel like a child trying chocolate for the first time.

4. Community empowerment: This is my favorite one. We want our Mussas to be able to share their knowledge, their projects and their passions with the tribe. We want to empower and help each other be successful. That is why we will let our members share ideas and host events of their own within our community. Are you a yoga teacher? Are you a nutritionist? Do you have a clothing brand? Whatever you want we will always be your #1 supporter! 

It's been only 5 months since we started with our first ever event in September 2023, so far we have done:

- 2 Make up Workshops - partnered with a mussa (video)

- 6 Fitness and Wellness Events - Barre and coffee in @casa.barre (video), Pilates and smoothies in @hommadrid, Yoga and Meditation with, Bootcamp and Functional training with @crossfitbox4k (video)

- Running Club - we started once a week and now we are doing 2 times per week

- 1 Skincare workshop with @salomevidalespaciobienestar (video)

- One cooking class and wine tasting with (video)

- 2 Functional Nutrition workshops with @ananutt__  *Anti-Inflammatory & Hormone Workshop* (video)

- 1 Sexology Course with @psiquealdescubierto 

- OUR FIRST GETAWAY IN FUERTEVENTURA - 4 Days Trip with surfing classes, barre, meditations, beach and beautiful sunsets. (video)

We are just getting started, 2024 will be the dream year!!! And we can't wait to share life with all of you and bring all of us closer together 🧡

With Lots of Love, 

Miranda Alonso (Mussa Co-Founder)

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